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Depending on customer needs CYRUS’ vibration machines feature various functionalities to convey materials for a multitude of purposes. Designed as vibratory trough conveyors both straight and curved, they transport anything from red-hot castings to fragile pellets or heavy steel scrap. Resonance conveyors, for example, ensure product and energy-saving material handling despite their reduced height. A special highlight in our range is the mass-compensated (absorber-based) trough conveyor serving a wide variety of tasks. One special application for vibratory troughs (two bearing screens) is based on the use of drives with electronic gears. They allow the angle of throw and the drive frequency to be modified during operation in line with the task. The material to be conveyed can, for instance, be transported slowly or fast, forward or reverse.

A selection of our products that are most frequently used for the conveying process can be found below. An overview of the entire CYRUS product range can be found here.

Vibrating trough feeder with unbalanced motor Details
Vibrating trough conveyor with electromagnetic drive Details
Vibrating trough conveyor with slider crank drive Details
Crusher Pre-Separation Screen Details
Separator trough Details
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Vibrating Conveyor Systems from CYRUS Equipment

In industrial settings such as recycling facilities and foundries, conveyors are the circulatory system of the operation. These vital pieces of machinery are responsible for efficiently transporting materials throughout the facility or process.

While there are many different variations of these machines, CYRUS Equipment’s vibrating conveyor systems are unquestionably some of the most reliable on the market.

Each and every day, countless clients rely on CYRUS Equipment vibrating conveyors to sustain the operations at their facilities. Our vibrating conveyor systems are rugged, reliable, and efficient.

Whether your organization needs to replace its antiquated equipment with modern alternatives or you are planning the construction of a new facility, CYRUS Equipment’s vibrating conveyors can serve as the perfect tool to keep your process moving forward.

What Are Vibrating Conveyor Systems?

Vibrating conveyor systems are an advanced type of conveyor that leverages vibration to transport media for a wide range of industrial applications. These machines can efficiently transport heavy scrap metal, fragile media, hot castings, and other materials frequently found in recycling and foundry settings.

CYRUS Equipment offers several different variations of vibrating conveyor systems in order to meet the needs of our clients. All of our vibrating conveyor systems can incorporate a curved or straight design, depending on the layout of your facility.

Our conveyor systems can be equipped for point-to-point media transportation. Select vibrating conveyor systems can also be used for media sorting purposes.

Vibrating conveyor systems offer several distinct advantages over traditional alternatives, which is why so many CYRUS Equipment clients have made these advanced pieces of equipment mainstays of their operations.

Types of Vibrating Conveyor Systems We Provide

CYRUS Equipment serves clients in many different industries, which is why we provide a multitude of different vibrating conveyor systems.

Our experts can gather more information about your intended application during the bidding process so that we can identify which conveyors will provide optimal performance. Some of the vibrating conveyor systems that we offer include the following:

Oscillating Conveyors

Oscillating conveyors are beneficial when you need to transport bulk media and transfer the materials to an outlet. Our oscillating conveyors vibrate at a lower frequency than standard vibrating conveyor systems. Additionally, the range of motion of oscillating conveyors is greater than that of standard vibrating conveyors.

Our oscillating conveyors can transport abrasive materials and red-hot media. These devices can also be made dustproof, which makes them suitable for especially rugged applications.

They have a relatively low footprint and can also transport media upward when installed at the proper angles. Oscillating conveyors perform optimally when used to transport materials short distances and should not be used with fragile media.

Shaker Conveyors

Shaker conveyors are vibratory conveyor systems that are typically used to transport media downhill. Our shaker conveyors usually incorporate a simple back-and-forth motion to move media down the trough.

Shaker conveyors can also be used to transport media across level gradients or uphill slopes. However, doing so requires that the drive be altered to create a different movement pattern.

Our shaker conveyors are a specific subtype of oscillating conveyors. Like standard oscillating conveyors, these machines should not be used with fragile media. The ruggedness of these devices makes them ideal for use in foundries or recycling facilities. They have a small footprint, low cost of ownership, and lengthy service life.

Trough Conveyors

Trough conveyors are one of the most commonly-used vibrating conveyor systems. CYRUS Equipment’s clients appreciate the simplicity of our trough conveyors, as this attribute makes them incredibly easy to maintain. They can transport a high volume of material.  

Our trough conveyors typically include an unbalanced drive and can transport a variety of materials. These trough conveyors can effectively transport scrap metal, foundry sands, and bulk material discharge.

Trough conveyors exhibit optimal performance when installed at a downward slope. However, they can be installed either horizontally or at a slight incline, depending on the demands of your project.

Vibrating Conveyor with Electromagnetic Drive

CYRUS Equipment’s vibro conveyor with an electromagnetic drive is equipped with solenoid vibrators. These solenoid devices create directed vibrations to convey media down the trough. The frequency and strength of these directed vibrations are customized in accordance with your intended operating conditions.

Our vibro conveyors with an electromagnetic drive provide your team with pinpoint control over metering. They also feature a short on/off cycle frequency to further enhance their energy efficiency. CYRUS Equipment’s vibro conveyor with an electromagnetic drive has a conveying capacity of up to 500 tons per hour.

Vibrating Conveyors with Slider Crank Drive

CYRUS Equipment also offers vibrating conveyors with slider crank drives. These devices are capable of handling hot materials up to 500 degrees Celsius. They exhibit a high wear resistance with their rugged design and are customizable.

Machines with slider crank drives are ideal for use with complete vibrating conveyor systems that convey media across longer distances. This attribute makes them suitable for foundries and recycling facilities.

Clients commonly use our vibrating conveyors with slider crank drives as sorting chutes, but they can be installed for several other purposes as well.

Benefits of Our Vibrating Conveyor Systems

CYRUS Equipment’s line of vibrating conveyor systems offers several advantages that differentiate them from alternative solutions. The benefits of our vibrating conveyor systems include the following:

Rugged Design

At CYRUS Equipment, we understand that your vibrating conveyor systems are integral to operational continuity. If your conveyors fail, then productivity grinds to a screeching halt.

Every minute of unexpected downtime can cost your business thousands of dollars. Therefore, it is vital that your equipment is capable of enduring rugged, harsh operating environments.

All CYRUS Equipment vibrating conveyor systems are designed with durability in mind. Our equipment is assembled with vibration-resistant methods in order to decrease the frequency of downtime. This design allows your facility to operate at peak efficiency and reduce the risk of experiencing a catastrophic equipment failure.

Small Footprint

During our decades of experience, CYRUS Equipment has learned that no two facilities are alike. Every facility varies in terms of floor space, design, layout, height, etc. In order to overcome this variability and better serve our clients, CYRUS Equipment offers several vibrating conveyor systems with exceptionally small footprints.

We can customize your vibrating conveyor systems to align with the unique demands of your facility. This customization ensures that our machines meet the space requirements of your intended application while also providing a smoother installation process.

In short, our modular equipment allows you to use all of the space within your facility as efficiently as possible.

Low Noise

Noise pollution is a major concern in industrial environments. While you can protect your staff from hearing damage by providing them with ear protection, excessive noise pollution causes other concerns. Specifically, noise pollution hinders your team’s ability to communicate effectively, which can impede productivity and cause a safety hazard.

CYRUS Equipment’s vibrating conveyor systems are designed to minimize the amount of noise pollution that they create. Reducing noise pollution can improve workplace safety and enhance your team’s ability to collaborate. In turn, this can boost productivity and help you decrease the frequency of workplace injuries.

Long Service Life

All CYRUS Equipment vibrating conveyor systems offer a long service life. Our equipment is built to endure even the most demanding industrial applications so that you can get a positive return on investment.

With regular maintenance and upkeep, CYRUS Equipment vibrating conveyor systems will serve your facility well for years or even decades.

If you have maintenance concerns, CYRUS Equipment can provide essential upkeep information and help you get the most out of your vibrating conveyor systems. We also have a 24/7 emergency hotline that you can call for after-hours assistance.

Easy to Clean and Maintain

CYRUS Equipment’s line of vibrating conveyor systems is extremely easy to clean and maintain. Several of our vibrating conveyors can even be dust-proofed, which reduces the amount of upkeep that your maintenance team has to perform.

When overseeing the purchasing and installation process, the CYRUS Equipment team will provide you with detailed equipment cleaning information. We will ensure that your staff is up to speed on all maintenance procedures so that you can maximize the service life of your vibrating conveyor systems and other CYRUS Equipment machinery.

Advantages of Working with CYRUS Equipment

CYRUS Equipment views every new client relationship as an opportunity to collaborate and innovate while helping you achieve your organizational goals. We demonstrate an unfaltering commitment to every client and ensure that our products exceed expectations.

When partnering with CYRUS Equipment for your vibrating conveyor systems and other media transportation needs, you will experience benefits including:

World-Class Support

CYRUS Equipment stands behind our products. Not only do we provide emergency support in the event that you encounter an issue, but we proactively work to ensure that your CYRUS Equipment products are living up to your brand reputation.

CYRUS Equipment offers repair support for your equipment for its entire lifecycle. We even provide repair and maintenance services for machines provided by other manufacturers in the event that you are not yet ready to transition to CYRUS Equipment solutions.

Additionally, our suite of support services includes modernization planning. CYRUS Equipment personnel will work alongside your staff to help you plan the design, purchase, and implementation of leading-edge vibrating conveyor systems.

Our modernization services will ensure that your facility remains competitive by providing you with the latest in industrial media transportation machinery.

Stringent Quality Assurance Protocols

At CYRUS Equipment, we thoroughly test every component of your vibrating conveyor systems before they are shipped from our facility. During this rigorous testing process, our team collects detailed vibration data in order to verify that the machine is functioning at peak levels.

If it is not, we will make necessary adjustments in order to enhance the performance of the equipment. Our testing and quality assurance protocols ensure that your machinery is ready for deployment as soon as it arrives at your facility.

CYRUS Equipment can also provide on-site installation assistance should you require it. On-site installation support can expedite the deployment process while also providing your team with an opportunity to familiarize themselves with our machinery.

Customizable Solutions

During the bidding phase of our relationship, CYRUS Equipment will not direct you to a run-of-the-mill solution from a rigid catalog. Our experienced staff will work to understand the biggest challenges that your organization is facing. From there, they will work with your procurement team to identify which solutions are optimal for your needs.

Our engineering personnel will then create a custom solution based on our proven vibrating conveyor system designs. This approach ensures that the machines you receive integrate seamlessly into your existing facility layout and design.

Decades of Industry Experience

Founded in 1976, CYRUS Equipment has been serving clients in industrial sectors for nearly five decades. During this time, we have amassed an abundance of expertise, which we leverage to better serve clients like you.

Our team of engineers, designers, and customer service personnel understand the challenges that your organization faces on a daily basis.

As such, we are also aware that you need reliable equipment so that you can sustain essential business operations. CYRUS is dedicated to providing the best conveying solutions for your application utilizing the vast industry experience our team has gathered throughout their time in the industry.

CYRUS Equipment: The Only Choice for Vibrating Conveyor Systems

When selecting a provider for your vibrating conveyor systems, it is essential that you choose a proven vendor like CYRUS Equipment. We have an exceptional reputation for providing unparalleled support and ultra-durable machinery.

Our customizable vibrating conveyors can be modified in accordance with your specifications and the demands of your intended application.

Partnering with CYRUS Equipment is a wise investment because you will be obtaining equipment that is built to endure even the most rigorous use. The low maintenance cost and extensive service life of our vibrating conveyor systems yield a strong return on investment by helping you minimize expensive operational downtime.

If you would like to begin the bidding process, connect with CYRUS Equipment today. We will take the time to learn more about your organization’s conveyor needs so that we can provide you with the ideal media transport solutions.