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Vibrating trough conveyor with slider crank drive

Vibrating trough conveyors are material handling systems using directed vibrations to convey media. These systems feature arugged and vibration-resistant welded screw structure. The exact properties of vibrating trough conveyors comply with the given operating conditions and can be customised. Resonance shaking trough conveyors and other vibrating conveyors use an optimised system suited for complete conveyor installations across longer distances and use in process engineering.

Exemplary type

Sorting chute SR 1.400 x 8.000

Technical Data:
Width: 1.400 mm
Length: 8.000 mm
Direction of conveyance: reversible
Conveying: engine blocks, cast products, etc.
Drive: shafts with additional gear and three-phase motor


  • Flat reversible design
  • High wear-resistance
  • Rugged design
  • Careful material handling
  • Handles hot materials of up to 500°C


  • Low operating costs
  • Small footprint
  • High operational reliability
  • Long service life
  • Good value for money

Technical specs

  • Individual machine up to 15 m long
  • Design as a sorting chute for foundries
  • Widths from 300 to 1.500 mm
  • Reference installations


  • Use as sorting chute in the foundry industry
  • Material handling in following industries:
  • foundry, wood, food, pharmaceuticals / chemicals, recycling,
  • forging shops, steel mills, stone /sand/ gravel