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Thanks to CYRUS’ vibratory trough conveyors well-dosed conveying or charging has now become possible in many areas of application. Our solenoid trough conveyors (SRM) supply downstream systems with dosed material streams via thyristor controls. Vibratory trough conveyors are driven by imbalance drives (SRU) ensuring the continuous charging for all downstream processes. In many foundries around the world you will find our compact, automated charging machines (FC). They accept any conceivable type of metals and additives and feed them into melting furnaces in a dosed manner. Charging can be controlled optionally by means of weighing systems. Due to their sandwich-type design the bunker walls of our charging machines are largely sound-insulated and can travel to pre-defined charging and discharging positions all automatically.

A selection of our products that are most frequently used for the charging process can be found below. An overview of the entire CYRUS product range can be found here.

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