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Raw materials and primary products

Our screening machines and vibrating conveyors are trusted components, where bulk materials such as ores, sand, gravel, coal and salt shall be screened, divided into fractions, drained or supplied for further processing. We can refer to decades of experience in the mining- and stone/soil industry as well as in the salt extraction business. This extensive experience enables us to continuously improve and adapt our products to the wishes and requirements of our customers. As part of our product line for classifying bulk materials, we provide multi-deck screening machines. Additionally, we also offer particularly robust designed vibrating troughs which can operate in quarries and effectively feed large pieces of stone to the crushers.

selection of our products that are most frequently used in the fields of raw materials and primary products can be found below. An overview of the entire CYRUS product range can be found here.

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Raw Material & Primary Products Processing

As a premier provider of vibratory equipment, CYRUS Equipment serves organizations in a variety of different industries, including those operating in the primary products and raw materials processing space.

Our leading-edge vibratory equipment allows entities in these sectors to safely, reliably, and efficiently convey raw materials or primary products through their processing facilities.

CYRUS Equipment does much more than simply provide “off-the-shelf” vibratory equipment from a limited catalog selection. Instead, we offer our clients access to modular, customizable raw material processing machinery that can meet or exceed expectations.

Our raw materials and primary products machinery optimizes productivity, reduces the risk of downtime, and helps businesses maximize cash flow.

Who We Are

CYRUS Equipment is an international provider of raw material processing machinery. Our experts serve clients throughout Europe, Asia, and North America. With nearly five decades of experience, we are able to effortlessly meet the needs of a wide range of clients.

The team at CYRUS Equipment understands that our equipment must be able to withstand a rigorous environment. With that in mind, all of our raw material processing solutions have been precision engineered to exhibit superior functionality and durability, even when used in the most extreme environments.

These attributes make our equipment the ideal solution for use in stone/soil and mining industries. Our tech is also used by salt extraction companies the world over.

What We Do

CYRUS Equipment provides our clients with unmatched support and access to top-quality raw material processing machinery. We can scale our equipment to meet the unique demands of virtually any operation.

It can withstand prolonged use inside processing facilities and in the field. That durability is why countless mining and raw materials processing clients consistently turn to CYRUS Equipment for their machinery needs.

CYRUS Equipment provides machinery such as:

  • Vibrating troughs
  • Multi-deck screening machines
  • Classifying equipment
  • Vibralift vertical conveyors
  • Circular motion vibrating screens
  • Pre-separation screens

These are just a few of the primary products and raw materials processing equipment solutions available from CYRUS Equipment.

Our Raw Material Processing Solutions

CYRUS Equipment offers a wide selection of different equipment. Some of our most popular raw material processing options include:

Steel Plate Conveyors

Our apron steel plate conveyors are purpose-built to convey heavy, large, and bulky materials, such as stone. These conveyors feature a heavy-duty design, making them ideal for use in harsh environments, such as mining sites.

A few of the benefits of our steel plate conveyors include:

  • Low maintenance costs
  • Long service lives
  • Low noise
  • Customizability

The degree of elevation of our steel plate conveyors can easily be adjusted based on the demands of your intended application. This flexibility ensures superior function, performing, and conveying speed, even when handling extremely heavy materials.

Linear Motion Vibrating Screens

CYRUS Equipment’s linear motion vibrating screens use vibration devices to sort, classify, and convey raw materials. When designing your equipment, CYRUS Equipment technicians can alter vibration direction and intensity based on the materials you need to sort.

Our linear motion vibrating screens can sort different materials while simultaneously classifying particles of varying sizes. This type of dual operation can help increase the efficiency of your production line.

CYRUS Equipment can install several different screen linings. Screen linings are chosen based on operational conditions and the materials you need to sort. Our machinery also features a compact design, which ensures that you can seamlessly incorporate it into your existing equipment configuration.

As with all CYRUS Equipment solutions, our linear motion vibrating screens feature a long service life, an ultra-durable design, high reliability, and minimized operating costs.

Circular Motion Vibrating Screens

Screening equipment is some of the most important machinery found in primary products and raw materials processing operations. Without this critical equipment, no other processing practices could be carried out.

In terms of processing solutions, CYRUS Equipment has several pieces of machinery available. One such solution is our line of circular motion vibrating screens. This type of machine uses vibration to sort and classify different grain sizes.

Typically, CYRUS Equipment technicians set up this machinery with a circular drive. However, we have other drive types available. Our engineers will discuss the benefits of each drive type with you when designing your equipment.

Vibralift Vertical Conveyors

Vertically conveying materials is a major pain point for most raw materials and primary products processing facilities. Lifting shafts that contain moving parts generally require frequent maintenance or repair.

In order to alleviate this issue, CYRUS Equipment offers a vibralift vertical conveyor. Unlike traditional conveyance equipment, our vibralift vertical conveyor uses vibrations to direct media upwards. Since the lifting shaft does not contain moving parts, the equipment requires minimal maintenance and offers reduced operating costs.

The vibralift vertical conveyor has a compact design, features high-wear resistance, and offers considerable conveying capacity. It is also dustproof, which is critical when deployed in harsh environments such as mining operations.

Crusher Pre-Separation Screen

The CYRUS Equipment crusher pre-separation screen uses an unbalanced drive to sort materials before they are fed into industrial crushers. Small materials are sorted out and rerouted around the crusher, whereas larger media are directed into the crusher.

By using our pre-separation screen, raw materials processing facilities can reduce the burden on their crusher. In many instances, a pre-separation screen allows facilities to downsize their crusher, which can be a huge cost-saving measure. Ultimately, this will lead to reduced maintenance costs, lower operating expenses, and better productivity.

CYRUS Equipment offers several different machine width and length customization options. We can also tailor the drop heights, number of drops, and sifting distance in accordance with your needs. Our crusher pre-separation screens can process massive flow rates ranging from 500 to 2,000 metric tonnes per hour.

Vibrating Trough Conveyor with Slider-Crank Drive

Vibrating trough conveyors are the cornerstone of virtually every primary products and raw materials processing operation. As such, CYRUS Equipment offers several different variations of vibrating trough conveyors.

Our primary offering features a slider-crank drive. This iteration of our vibrating trough conveyor features vibration-resistant welded screws and can convey materials for long distances.

The machine has a reversible conveying direction, a three-phase motor, and shafts with additional gears. It can handle hot materials, heavy media, and smaller particles.

Vibrating Trough Conveyor with Electromagnetic Drive

The CYRUS Equipment vibrating trough conveyor with electromagnetic drive uses solenoid vibrators to generate vibrations and convey materials. This trough conveyor is one of our quietest and smoothest-running conveyors.

Our vibrating trough conveyors with electromagnetic drives provide a high level of customizability. You can precisely customize the vibration intensity and pulse rate based on your needs. These systems also have a very short cycle frequency, which drives down operating costs.

Vibrating Trough Conveyor with Unbalanced Motor

Vibrating trough conveyors with unbalanced motors have simplified designs, making them well-suited for rugged environments such as those found at raw material processing sites. They are primarily used to convey bulk materials over short distances and can be combined with other conveying solutions.

In addition to being incredibly easy to maintain, vibrating trough conveyors with unbalanced motors are highly customizable. They are known for exhibiting a low cost of ownership, high reliability, and gentle product handling capabilities.

Vibrating trough conveyors with unbalanced motors represent one of the best value solutions for clients seeking superior reliability without compromising machinery performance. As such, they have been used in a multitude of different industries, including primary products and raw materials processing.

What Makes Cyrus Different?

CYRUS Equipment is passionate about serving our clients and differentiating ourselves from other processing machinery providers. When you put your trust in CYRUS Equipment, you will benefit from our:

Significant Industry Experience

At CYRUS Equipment, we have been in operation for over 46 years. This experience will be evident during every interaction that you have with our team. From your initial contact with our sales staff to post-purchase support calls, you will be confident that our team can provide you with timely guidance and expert advice.

Over the years, CYRUS Equipment has continued to refine both our machinery and our service model. We have invested untold resources into researching and developing our quiet, supremely durable equipment.

It pleases us greatly to pair our top-flight machinery with a client-oriented support model that allows you to get the most out of your new investment.

Customizable Offerings

Every raw materials and primary products processing operation is unique. The collection site, environmental conditions, and size of the operation will vary. In light of this variability, it is critical that processors have access to modular, customizable equipment solutions. CYRUS Equipment provides such solutions.

When you connect with CYRUS Equipment, we will gather detailed information about the demands of your intended use case. We will leverage this information to customize our machinery configuration and layout in accordance with your needs.

This tailoring will ensure a seamless installation process so that you can decrease your time to value and achieve a strong return on investment from your equipment purchase. Our custom solutions will boost productivity and help you maximize processing output.

High-Level Support

Your relationship with CYRUS Equipment does not end once your equipment is installed. Our team of dedicated support staff will be available to you for the entire lifecycle of your machinery.

Whether you simply have questions about routine maintenance or need assistance working through a more complex concern, our staff has the knowledge and skills to assist.

If you encounter an urgent issue threatening business continuity, you can reach us seven days a week using our hotline. Our service team will deploy a service technician, arrange the delivery of your spare parts, or provide on-the-fly technical advice.

Quiet Equipment

Traditionally, raw materials processing equipment is cumbersome and excessively noisy. That noise can diminish the quality of the work environment, and the vibration associated with the excessive noise can also damage nearby equipment.

All of that noise pollution can also interfere with workplace safety, thereby increasing the risk of accidents and injuries.

CYRUS Equipment can help you improve workplace safety and reduce noise pollution by providing you with non-disruptive, quiet processing equipment. Our machinery has been specially designed to minimize vibration in order to protect adjacent equipment, minimize noise, and improve working conditions.

Installation and Deployment Assistance

The CYRUS Equipment team provides extensive support during pre-purchase and installation. We begin providing you with exemplary service from the moment you connect with our consulting and sales staff.

Our staff will take the time to learn the demands of your product and work with your in-house team to determine which solutions best align with your needs.

From there, we will begin to design the layout and configuration of your machinery. We will keep you in the loop every step of the way to ensure that the finished equipment exceeds your expectations.

Before shipping your CYRUS Equipment solutions to your company, we will thoroughly test all components. During testing, we measure vibration data to ensure that the machinery lives up to our unwavering standards.

When it comes time to install your machines, we will send service technicians and supervisory staff to your location. We can independently oversee the installation and commissioning process before turning over the keys to your staff.

Alternatively, our expert installers can include your technicians in the installation process so that they can better understand the equipment. In certain instances, we can also supply just the machinery so that the installation can be handled entirely in-house.

Access Custom Raw Materials and Primary Products Equipment

Does your raw materials or primary products processing operation call for durable, reliable, and quiet equipment? Ready to partner with a highly experienced machinery manufacturer that provides extensive post-purchase support? In search of customized solutions that are tailored to the unique demands of your processing operation?

If so, then CYRUS Equipment is the perfect partner to meet your needs. You and your staff will enjoy access to comprehensive support and exceptional customer service from our team. We will assist you as you seek out machinery configurations and styles that will optimize the productivity of your processing operation.

To learn more about CYRUS Equipment’s processing machinery, contact our team. We can provide you with more information or begin the process of designing your custom equipment.