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When it comes to the transportation of shredded or sliced scrap material, our discharge vibratory conveyors are often used. For this process, the scrap metal can be purified via integrated magnetic separators and screens and afterwards separated from non-magnetic material. Fixed- or swivelling steel plate conveyors help to feed the shredded scrap into a storage area or to transport wagons. With regards to separating precious metals from other scrap, our screening machines are also in popular demand. These can be adjusted in their throwing angle setting, in order to achieve optimum screening results.

selection of our products that are most frequently used for recycling purposes can be found below. An overview of the entire CYRUS product range can be found here.

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Vibrating trough feeder with unbalanced motor Details
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Recycling Conveyor Belts and Other Industrial Recycling Equipment

Countless clients turn to CYRUS Equipment when they need safe, reliable, and efficient industrial conveyor belts. In addition to several conveyor belt variations, we also offer a wide range of other industrial recycling equipment.

These machines can withstand the rigors of transporting sliced or shredded scrap materials and are known for their exceptional service life.

CYRUS recycling equipment offers many customization and adjustment options so that you can achieve optimized screening results for your intended application. These machines are backed by CYRUS Equipment’s proactive customer support team because we want to ensure that you get the most out of your investment.

Our Industrial Recycling Equipment

The CYRUS catalog of industrial recycling equipment enccompases several different pieces of machinery that are commonly used in a recycling facility, including the following:

Vibrating Trough Conveyor with Unbalanced Motor

The vibrating trough conveyor with an unbalanced motor is one of our most popular products by far. This expertly-crafted piece of machinery is known for its high operational reliability, long service life, and ability to withstand even the most rigorous of applications.

In addition to being extremely durable, the vibrating trough conveyor with unbalanced motor has a minimized operating cost and requires very little maintenance and can be used for a multitude of applications.

This conveyor, like many other pieces of CYRUS recycling equipment, is designed in accordance with your specifications. Our built-to-order approach ensures that the vibrating trough conveyor meets or exceeds your expectations.

Many clients favor this machinery for recycling applications due to its low cost of ownership and the incredible value that it provides. If you need a well-designed conveyor for your recycling facility, this piece of machinery may be the perfect product for the task.

Vibrating Trough Conveyor with Electromagnet Drive

The CYRUS Equipment vibrating trough conveyor with electromagnetic drive is a more sophisticated variant of the aforementioned piece of industrial recycling equipment.

This material handling system utilizes directed vibrations that are generated by solenoid vibrators. Every component of this recycling conveyor system is crafted from vibration-resistant structures in order to ensure maximum durability.

The vibrating trough conveyor with electromagnetic drive is ideal when careful materials handling is required. It also offers high-precision metering capabilities and features a small footprint.

Clients typically prefer this recycling conveyor belt solution when they need to maintain more control over material handling and are contending with tight spaces.

Circular Motion Vibrating Screen

The CYRUS Equipment circular motion vibrating screen allows for the precision sorting of recyclables within your facility. This piece of recycling equipment can handle and classify a multitude of media via vibration. These machines use a circular drive mode and are installed at an angle in order to facilitate efficient sorting.

While the standard version of this model does use a circular drive, the CYRUS Equipment team can alter product design to incorporate other drive types such as linear motion. You can also customize the screen lining based on the type and size of materials that you need to sort.

Our circular motion vibrating screen exhibits a high level of wear resistance. Depending on the size and weight of your media, it is capable of processing up to 500 cubic meters per hour.

Linear Motion Vibrating Screen

Linear motion vibrating screens are a staple of many media handling and sorting operations, including those in recycling facilities. CYRUS Equipment’s linear motion vibrating screens have customizable directed vibration settings that are tailored based on your installation conditions and material handling needs.

These machines can classify and sort different sizes of media simultaneously, making them extremely efficient pieces of recycling equipment.

Like all CYRUS industrial recycling equipment, our linear motion vibrating screens have high wear resistance. They are capable of handling a large volume of media and feature a compact design. If your intended usage dictates, these machines can be manufactured with a dust-guarded design.

Hydraulic Lifting/Tilting Device

Hydraulic lifting/tilting devices from CYRUS Equipment are designed to elevate media as it is transitioned from one process to the next. These versatile pieces of industrial recycling equipment have a small footprint, despite the fact that they can efficiently lift or tilt heavy media.

The CYRUS Equipment manufacturing team can modify the hydraulic lifting device in accordance with your unique needs. Specifically, we can alter the height, angle, or range of motion of the device based on the intended installation location.

During installation, CYRUS Equipment hydraulic lifts can also be oriented in a manner that best serves your needs. This flexibility makes the CYRUS Equipment hydraulic lifting/tilting device popular among recycling clients.

Vibrating Trough Conveyor with Slider Crank Drive

The CYRUS Equipment vibration trough conveyor with slider crank drive has a durable and vibration-resistant structure. The vibrating trough conveyor’s properties can be modified to align with the operating conditions at your facility.

Vibrating trough conveyors use directed vibrations to transport media down the recycling conveyor belt. These material handling systems can facilitate material handling across long distances and are ideal for large factories.

The vibrating trough conveyor with sliding crank drive’s rugged design helps minimize maintenance cost and frequency. This durable piece of recycling equipment also has a small footprint and an exceptional service life.

Steel Plate Conveyor

While CYRUS Equipment is well known for providing leading-edge vibration conveyor equipment, we also offer several traditional recycling conveyor solutions. The cornerstone of our non-vibratory recycling equipment lineup is the steel plate conveyor.

This apron conveyor is designed to transport large and heavy materials, such as crushed or sliced segments of metal. It is durable enough to handle media that cannot be accommodated by rubber recycling conveyor belts.

Our steel plate conveyor produces minimal noise pollution. It also has a very long service life. Cumulatively, these attributes ensure that you will obtain an optimal return on your investment.

The steel plate conveyor is typically installed at a relatively sharp incline angle to expedite the transport of heavy media. However, this setup can be modified based on the size demands of your recycling facility.

Forging and Heat Treatment

Forging workshops produce a large number of components for automotive companies around the world. When these facilities need equipment, they frequently turn to CYRUS because of our industry expertise and reputation for providing unmatched customer service.

Specifically, forging and heat treatment workshops rely on our hydraulic lifting and tilting devices, automatic dosing machines, and vibrating conveyors that efficiently feed their furnaces.

CYRUS not only provides clients within this space with leading-edge equipment, but we also offer expert consulting services. Our engineers and other experts can work hand-in-hand with our clients to help them identify solutions that best meet their needs.

Why Choose CYRUS Equipment for Your Recycling Equipment Needs?

When it comes time to invest in industrial recycling equipment, the provider you choose makes all of the difference. A great partner will offer ongoing support, expertise, and guidance throughout the entire process.

CYRUS Equipment will ensure that you receive the best recycling equipment for your intended applications and that said equipment is customized based on the information you provide.

Time and again, clients turn to CYRUS Equipment for their industrial recycling equipment needs because of our:

Decades of Experience

CYRUS Equipment can trace its roots back to 1976. Since CYRUS Equipment was founded over 46 years ago, our team has been delivering top-quality systems and machinery to clients in a broad range of industries.

We partner with organizations operating within the animal feed, raw materials processing, foundry and metallurgy, forging, and, of course, recycling industries.

The combination of our wealth of experience and our extensive network of installations allows us to deliver quality industrial recycling equipment that precisely meets the demands of your application.

When taking the time to learn more about your intended deployment of our equipment, the CYRUS Equipment team can lean on its industry-specific expertise to help you find the products needed to get the job done. We can assist you as you select products, choose drive types, and customize screen throughput capabilities.

Customer-Centric Service Model

Vendors that do not truly care about your outcomes and success will provide limited support after a deal has been struck. Conversely, a customer-centric organization such as CYRUS Equipment provides support and guidance before the sale, during the installation process, and throughout the entire machine lifecycle.

CYRUS Equipment differentiates itself from other providers by offering world-class service from the outset of any client interaction. We strive to earn and keep your business in the bidding phase by proactively assisting you in selecting your products.

We will not simply point you towards an “off the shelf” recycling conveyor belt or other media transportation device. Instead, we listen to you and learn about your needs so that we can find the best solutions for your facility.

After our products have been customized to your needs, we will subject them to a thorough trial run. This extensive testing process allows us to collect vibration data and ensure that every device is functioning optimally before it leaves our facility.

CYRUS Equipment will also provide you with access to our service technicians and installation supervisors. These individuals will facilitate a seamless deployment of your recycling equipment. You can also independently oversee the installation of your CYRUS Equipment machinery if you desire.

Once your machinery has been installed and commissioned, the CYRUS Equipment team will be standing by to keep it operating at peak efficiency. We have an emergency hotline that is live 24/7 should you encounter an after-hours issue that simply cannot wait.

Additionally, our maintenance team can assist with any ongoing upkeep concerns or modernization initiatives to ensure that your facility always has access to the machinery it needs to maximize productivity.

Top Quality Industrial Recycling Equipment

While CYRUS Equipment’s expertise and support model make us a valuable asset to your organization, it is our equipment that makes us unlike any other machinery provider.

CYRUS Equipment’s engineering personnel pay close attention to every detail when creating our industrial recycling equipment. Each component is carefully selected to yield maximum durability while also minimizing the need for maintenance.

The longevity of our equipment allows you to purchase with confidence. When you deploy CYRUS Equipment machinery in your recycling facility, you can rest assured that it has the potential to yield a strong return on investment.

Should you encounter a quality or performance concern, our support team is standing by to step in and assist. We strive to remedy all equipment concerns as efficiently as possible so that you can focus on the day-to-day operations of your business.

Unwavering Commitment to Quality

At CYRUS Equipment, we never compromise when it comes to the quality of our work. We build every piece of recycling equipment in accordance with the highest production standards in the industry.

In addition, we function test all equipment before it ever leaves our factory floor. Should a piece of equipment fail our trial run, it will not ship until our team remedies the issue.

CYRUS Equipment applies our stringent quality standards to our support and maintenance model as well. Every part or component that we ship to our clients is built with the same attention to detail that we put into our machines themselves.

Ongoing Communication

The CYRUS Equipment design team strives to look at things from our client’s point of view. This approach allows us to better understand the challenges and pain points that you are facing so that we can develop an ideal solution.

CYRUS Equipment also works to maintain clear and consistent lines of communication with you throughout the process. We proactively reach out to provide updates on your order and make our support team available to you around the clock.

Our team believes that transparency and clear communication lay the foundation for long-lasting client relationships.

Ready to Learn More?

At CYRUS Equipment, we understand that purchasing recycling conveyor belts and other industrial recycling equipment is a major investment. Therefore, it is vital that you choose the right partner for all of your recycling equipment needs. CYRUS Equipment is that partner.

Between our decades of industry experience, an unwavering commitment to our clients, a flexible support model, and quality equipment, we can equip you with the machinery you need to efficiently transport recycling and scrap material.

Our recycling conveyor belts and other machinery can function efficiently whether you need to transport ferrous or nonferrous metals. You can also use our reliable equipment to transport and sort other recyclables based on the needs of your facility.

If you would like to learn more about the CYRUS Equipment product lineup, including our recycling equipment, we invite you to browse our catalog.

For more personalized assistance and support, you can also contact our team directly. We will connect you with a highly experienced individual who will take the time to understand the demands of your project. Reach out to us today.