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When it comes to the transportation of shredded or sliced scrap material, our discharge vibratory conveyors are often used. For this process, the scrap metal can be purified via integrated magnetic separators and screens and afterwards separated from non-magnetic material. Fixed- or swivelling steel plate conveyors help to feed the shredded scrap into a storage area or to transport wagons. With regards to separating precious metals from other scrap, our screening machines are also in popular demand. These can be adjusted in their throwing angle setting, in order to achieve optimum screening results.

selection of our products that are most frequently used for recycling purposes can be found below. An overview of the entire CYRUS product range can be found here.

Vibrating trough conveyor with unbalanced motor Details
Vibrating trough conveyor with electromagnetic drive Details
Vibrating trough conveyor with slider crank drive Details
Circular motion vibrating screen Details
Linear motion vibrating screen Details
Hydraulic lifting / tilting device Details
Steel plate conveyor Details