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Forging and heat treatment

As a key supplier to the automotive industry, the importance of the forging industry remains unchanged to this day. A large number of forging workshops use our oscillating and conveying systems to manufacture their products. When it comes to automated separation, and feeding the most varied round and square material ­ correctly positioned ­ to the heating furnace, our hydraulic lifting and tilting devices, automatic dosing machines, and vibrating conveyors have been the go-to choice for many years. In this field, we offer you competent advice at all times as well as reliable and effective solutions tailored to your forging range.

Heat treatment, after the forging process or in other production processes, has a major influence on product quality. CYRUS lifting/tilting devices as well as the most varied vibrating conveyor designs are used here to ensure reliable and consistent charging of the continuous furnace.

selection of our product widely used in the area of forging and heat treatment can be seen below. You can find an overview of the entire CYRUS product range here.

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Industrial Forging Machinery & Conveyors — Heat Treatment Equipment

For decades, CYRUS Equipment has been the preferred choice for industrial organizations in many sectors, including the industrial forging space. CYRUS Equipment is a key supplier of forging conveyors and heat treatment equipment for the automotive industry and many other organizations operating forges.

As you know, forging machinery is subjected to rigorous environments each and every day. Therefore, it is vital that your forging machinery is manufactured to the highest quality standards. Otherwise, it will not be able to withstand the wear and tear that occurs in modern industrial forging environments.

Your forging machinery not only needs to be durable, but it must perform reliably as well. If your charging equipment and other machinery do not function as designed, product quality will suffer. This lack of quality can translate to lost profits, damage to your brand image, and reduced customer satisfaction.

Fortunately, you can avoid these pain points by partnering with the premier industrial forging machinery provider — CYRUS Equipment.

Our extensive lineup of tailorable forging machinery solutions can meet the needs of virtually any client. And our engineering and design team can alter our standard equipment models to function optimally within your facility.

Once you have experienced the CYRUS Equipment difference, you will never want to partner with any other equipment provider. We offer unparalleled support, timely project guidance, unmatched responsiveness, and efficient equipment production time frames so that you can get your machinery operational within your deadline.

Our Forging Machinery

CYRUS Equipment’s catalog of forging machinery includes everything you need to convey materials throughout your facility, charge your furnace, and keep production lines operating smoothly. Some of our most popular industrial forging equipment options include the following:

Spiral Charging Machine

CYRUS Equipment’s spiral charging machine has two potential uses. The primary function is to charge your facility’s furnace to ensure that it is at the proper temperature to fuel forging operations. Alternatively, our spiral charging machine can be configured to supply billets to various forging processes throughout your facility.

The spiral charging machine’s key components include a storage trough, roller conveyor, tilting device, and/or magnetic drive. Our standard spiral charging machines are equipped with pots that have inside spiral designs. However, we can provide external sorting spiral-style feeders upon request.

Our spiral charging machines have a compact design and a small footprint. This design makes them suitable for use in forging facilities of all sizes. They also feature a low noise operation, rugged design, and exceptional wear resistance.

Clients who purchase these spiral charging machines experience a superior return on investment and low operating costs. Other benefits of our machinery include noise reduction and a high overall operational reliability.

CYRUS Equipment has various storage trough sizes available, the largest of which has a capacity of up to 10 tons.

Steel Plate Forging Conveyors

Our apron conveyors can be found in industrial forging facilities around the world. These ultra-durable pieces of equipment can convey heavy, large materials. They were carefully designed to transport hot castings or other materials that cannot be conveyed using rubber belts.

Like all CYRUS Equipment, our steel plate forging conveyors have a long service life and offer low maintenance costs. They also emit a minimal amount of noise, which promotes safety within the forging facility.

The angle and length of CYRUS conveyors can be altered based on client needs.

During the design process, our team will gather detailed information about your intended usage, the materials you need to convey, and the distance that you need to transport these materials. They will leverage this information to create a tailored solution that meets the needs of your facility.

Hydraulic Lifting/Tilting Device

CYRUS Equipment’s hydraulic lifting/tilting devices feature a small footprint and a compact design. These design elements provide you with an abundance of options when reconfiguring the layout of your forging facility.

These hydraulic lifting/tilting devices are known throughout the industry for their exceptional wear resistance and long service life. Our equipment is not only designed to last, but it does so with minimal maintenance. Customers who adhere to CYRUS Equipment maintenance guidelines can keep their machinery functioning reliably for years to come.

The hydraulic lifting/tilting devices produced by CYRUS Equipment are available in several different sizes and capacities. Our engineering team will alter the specific attributes of your equipment based on your application.

Switch Conveyor

CYRUS Equipment’s switch conveyors ensure that your production materials are routed to the proper lane as they progress through the manufacturing process. While these devices are less complex than some other types of forging machinery, they are equally important.

Our engineering team designed our switch conveyors to function flawlessly under even the most strenuous conditions. They are capable of handling the high temperatures and large load volumes that are commonplace in the industrial forging environment.

As with our other equipment, our switch conveyors offer low maintenance and high reliability. They also produce a minimal amount of noise pollution. When our switch conveyors are paired with other CYRUS Equipment machinery, you can drastically reduce the amount of noise produced within your facility

Noise reduction is a great benefit to a collaborative work environment while enhancing work place safety.

Vibrating Trough Conveyor with Electromagnetic Drive

CYRUS Equipment’s vibrating trough conveyors with electromagnetic drives feature a screw-fastened and welded construction. This approach yields a vibration-resistant structure that is ideal for use in the industrial forging sector.

Magnetic vibratory trough conveyors are unique in that the solenoid vibrators’ settings can be customized. These devices also feature a short on/off cycle frequency and pinpoint metering precision.

Under optimal conditions, magnetic vibratory trough conveyors have a material transport capacity of up to 500 tons per hour. CYRUS Equipment’s conveyors have a compact design, provide vibration frequencies ranging from 25 to 50 hertz, and are highly customizable.

In addition to featuring a small footprint, our conveyors offer careful material handling capabilities. They also have a small footprint, offer a longer service life, and incur low operating costs.

Vibrating Trough Conveyor with Unbalanced Motor

Many CYRUS clients in the industrial forging sector prefer our vibrating trough conveyors with unbalanced motors. These devices have a simple construction style and offer incredibly easy maintenance. Vibrating trough conveyors can transport a wide array of materials, including billets, finished components, and other items.

Our vibrating trough conveyors with unbalanced motors are used to transport materials short distances. The specific design and configuration of these conveyors will be altered based on your intended use and project needs. These devices offer nearly limitless customization.

These forging conveyors provide a great value and require a relatively minimal initial investment. The long service life that they provide ensures that you achieve a strong return on investment without racking up exorbitant maintenance expenses.

What Differentiates CYRUS from Other Providers?

At CYRUS Equipment, we value each and every one of our clients. We understand how important industrial forging machinery is to your organization, which is why we strive to honor your trust in us by delivering top-quality conveying solutions and unmatched support.

Since CYRUS Equipment was founded nearly 50 years ago, we have worked tirelessly to differentiate ourselves from other forging machinery equipment providers. CYRUS stands out because of our:

Decades of Industrial Forging Industry Experience

CYRUS Equipment has literally spent decades learning the needs of clients operating in industries such as recycling, foundry and metallurgy, animal food processing, raw materials processing, and of course, forging and heat treatment.

During that time, our expert team has become incredibly versatile when it comes to devising solutions for our clients. They understand the unique challenges that industries like yours encounter each day.

When working with you to help you select the best equipment for your facility, our team can leverage this abundance of experience. Even when you are facing a new and seemingly “one of a kind” problem, there is a good chance that our experts have encountered a similar scenario.

As such, they can provide timely advice and guidance so that you can determine the best step forward for your organization.

You likely know first-hand that there is no substitute for experience when it comes to the industrial forging sector. That is why CYRUS Equipment and our well-versed team is the ideal partner for your organization when it is seeking new conveying forging machinery.

Expansive Lineup of Forging Machinery

Few things are more frustrating than attempting to piece together a conveying network from a patchwork of equipment. Fortunately, when you partner with CYRUS Equipment, you won’t have to endure this nightmare scenario.

Our equipment offers an ideal combination of quality and value so that you can replace your antiquated forging machinery with modern alternatives. We have a comprehensive catalog of equipment that includes charging machines, conveyors, tilting/lifting equipment, and much more.

To learn more, we invite you to browse our online equipment listings. Alternatively, you can connect with one of our staff members. Our team will gladly provide you with personalized support and help you identify the equipment packages that meet your needs.

Tailored Solutions

CYRUS Equipment understands that every facility is unique — and so are its needs. In light of that, it would be impractical to only offer “off-the-shelf” machinery.

That is why CYRUS Equipment’s entire lineup of equipment is highly configurable. We can alter or modify the majority of our products to align with the demands of your forging operations. This customization ensures peak performance and efficiency so your facility can streamline operations, improve productivity, and generate more revenue.

Low-Maintenance, Quiet Heat Treatment Equipment

All our forging machinery is designed to minimize noise pollution and facilitate easy maintenance. Reducing noise pollution yields a safer forging environment. It also improves your staff’s communication ability, leading to better productivity.

In terms of maintenance, every piece of CYRUS machinery has clearly established upkeep protocols. Our staff will provide this information to your maintenance personnel upon delivery of your equipment to maximize its lifespan. Clients frequently praise our equipment for its reliability and minimal need for invasive or disruptive maintenance.

Unmatched Client Support

Some forging machinery providers leave their clients high and dry as soon as the equipment is delivered and payment is received. However, CYRUS Equipment does not.

When you purchase CYRUS Equipment machinery, you have committed to our brand for years. We believe that your company deserves the same level of commitment from us. That is why we provide ongoing support and guidance for the entire life of your equipment.

Whether you have a question about equipment maintenance, are experiencing a concern with your machinery, or simply need to make a general inquiry, CYRUS Equipment is available to assist.

CYRUS Equipment is proud of our craftsmanship and machinery quality. That is why we stand behind our products and the clients who rely on them to carry out their industrial forging processes.

Contact CYRUS About Upgrading Your Forging Machinery

As a plant manager or high-level organizational leader, you are responsible for ensuring that your facility is operating at peak efficiency. When you make a decision to upgrade your heat treatment equipment and forging machinery, it is critical that you choose the right provider.

Selecting the wrong partner can negatively impact your time to value and diminish your return on investment. Conversely, an experienced industrial forging machinery provider will offer ongoing support, expert guidance, and a timely response to all of your organization’s needs.

When it comes to industrial forging equipment providers, no organization can match the expertise, support quality, knowledge, and machinery quality of CYRUS Equipment. Our team takes the time to understand each client’s needs so that we can help them identify the ideal solution.

The equipment we build is low-maintenance, quiet, and efficient. Even more importantly, we stand behind our forging conveyors and other machinery long after the initial transaction.

If your organization is searching for a reliable and trustworthy heat treatment equipment and industrial forging machinery provider, CYRUS Equipment is the clear choice. Contact us today to speak with a forging machinery expert.