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Foundry and metallurgy

Our vibrating machines are in high demand when it comes to the melting of metals and casting of various mouldings. For this reason, we have long been supplying this industry with the following machines and systems:

  • Mobile charging machines which are frequently used to automatically fill the induction furnace.
  • Shake-out grids and separation troughs to free castings from moulding sand. They can also be equipped with the CYRUS electronic gear, which enables the adjusting of the vibration angle during operation, in order to facilitate more gentle and effective use.
  • Cooling troughs to prepare hot castings for further processing.
  • Moulding sand recovery systems to recycle foundry sand for reuse by utilising modern vibration crushing technology.
  • Vibralift-technology to convey hot sand vertically and space saving, even in conditions where bucket elevators would fail in service.

In addition, we also offer screening machines to separate impurities from the moulding sand that is to be regenerated as well as vibrating conveyors to transport various materials.

Therefore, we are able to offer a suitable procedural solution for all vibration-technical requirements set by the foundry industry today.

selection of our products that are most frequently used in the fields of foundry and metallurgy can be found below. An overview of the entire CYRUS product range can be found here.

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Vibrating trough feeder with unbalanced motor Details
Vibrating trough conveyor with electromagnetic drive Details
Vibrating trough conveyor with slider crank drive Details
Separator trough Details
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Shake-out grid Details
Vibrating lump crusher Details
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Foundry Equipment and Metallurgy Machinery

Foundry equipment and metallurgy machinery must be able to withstand the rigors of high heat environments while functioning reliably on a daily basis. If your equipment fails, then facility operations will screech to a grinding halt. This halt will result in missed processing deadlines and lost profits.

To keep their foundries operating at peak efficiency, plant managers consistently turn to CYRUS for all of their metallurgy equipment needs.

Our products incorporate the latest technologies, durable manufacturing techniques, and modular designs to offer maximum value to our clients. Not only are our products reliable, but they are carefully designed to minimize noise pollution, facilitate ease of use, and reduce the overall cost of ownership.

When your facility needs to source foundry machinery or metallurgy equipment, CYRUS is the ideal partner.

What Foundry Equipment Does CYRUS Provide?

CYRUS foundry equipment and metallurgy machinery are in extremely high demand for metal melting and casting applications.

Our vibrating machines utilize leading-edge technologies in order to produce exceptional results. We are a preferred equipment provider for foundries throughout Europe and have long been supplying this industry with systems such as:

Mobile Charging Machines

Mobile charging machines play an integral role in any metallurgy or furnace operation. These devices are tasked with loading induction furnaces. Our mobile charging machines offer several distinct benefits that make them an appealing option for plant managers. These benefits include:

  • Low operating costs
  • High reliability
  • Long service life
  • Small footprint
  • Noise reduction

Our traveling charging machines include traveling gear motor, a bin, vibratory trough conveyor equipment, and electrical controls. These machines are versatile enough to charge a wide variety of furnaces. Since our mobile charging machines are rail-borne, they are capable of traveling transversally, longitudinally, or both.

If necessary for your intended application, our machines can also be equipped with a semi-mobile supporting frame. This feature allows your personnel to safely move the metallurgy machinery with a forklift.

CYRUS’ mobile charging machine was specifically designed for use in melting shops and foundries. As such, our engineers incorporated a rugged weld and screw-fastened design that is also vibration resistant in order to ensure optimal durability.

Shake-Out Grids and Separation Troughs

Modern CYRUS shake-out grids incorporate vertical vibration technology in order to separate castings from lumps of material. These devices are primarily used to sort large pieces in low quantities.

Our shake-out grids feature a rugged design built with a low overall height and are extremely wear-resistant. These design attributes give our shake-out grids exceptionally long service lives and minimize operating costs.

While our shake-out grids can be adapted for your intended use case, they can accommodate molds up to 40 total tons.

A single grid can be scaled to as large as 20 square meters, whereas a multi-grid design can incorporate a surface area up to 40 square meters. This sizing makes our equipment large enough to tackle huge projects with ease.

Cooling Troughs

CYRUS’ cooling troughs are designed to prepare hot castings for the next phase of processing after they have been thoroughly de-sanded. These robustly-designed castling coolers are totally enclosed in order to minimize noise pollution within the plant.

Our cooling troughs also utilize countercurrent airflow, which is created by a ventilator. Active air cooling is far more effective than traditional, free convection cooling without a ventilator for several reasons. Specifically, our cooling troughs offer benefits including:

  • Increased cooling efficiency
  • Compact design
  • Fewer hazard points
  • Reduced cast part handling
  • Shorter conveying distances vs. traditional coolers

Given these benefits, casting coolers have quickly become one of the most popular foundry machinery products in CYRUS’ equipment lineup.

Molding Sand Recovery Systems

Waste is a major pain point for metallurgy plants and foundries. In order to help reduce waste and increase overall operational efficiency, CYRUS designed dynamic molding and recovery systems specifically for the needs of foundries.

These systems can effectively recycle foundry sand so that it can be reused. The recycling process is facilitated with our lump crushing technology.

As with all CYRUS metallurgy equipment, our molding sand recovery systems are modular in order to enhance their customizability. Our experts can design and modify these recovery systems to meet the space and fitment requirements of your facility.

Vibralift Technologies

Vibralift is CYRUS’ innovative material handling system that is far more efficient and compact than virtually any other option on the market. The Vibralift system leverages the power of vertical vibrations to convey media upwards in a closed shaft.

Since the lifting shaft does not contain any moving parts, maintenance responsibilities are minimal. Vibralift can safely convey products with temperatures as high as 350 degrees centigrade, such as the sand in a metallurgy shop.

The Vibralift system is powered by two vibration motors. It incorporates a dust-proof design, can be installed in tight spaces, and exhibits stellar wear resistance. The device can convey up to 13 cubic meters of material per hour, depending on particle size.

Perhaps the most appealing aspect of Vibralift is that it can be utilized in conditions where bucket elevators, Z conveyors, or spiral lifts cannot.  

Key Features of CYRUS Foundry Machinery

While every piece of CYRUS foundry equipment and metallurgy machinery has unique attributes that set them apart from competitors, all of our products exhibit several value-adding features. Specifically, CYRUS foundry machinery is known for its:


For centuries, noise pollution has been a major pain point for foundries and metallurgy facilities. Excessive noise not only diminishes the quality of the work environment but can also create safety hazards as it can prevent employees from effectively communicating.

Prolonged exposure to high volumes can cause long-term health consequences for staff, which is a concern that plant managers must address.

CYRUS equipment incorporates noise and vibration mitigating features in order to minimize the amount of sound that it generates. The result is a quieter and safer processing environment.

Many people mistakenly believe that vibratory equipment is loud and disruptive. While this may be true of other options out there, CYRUS’ foundry equipment is designed to operate quietly and not disturb adjacent machinery.


Unexpected downtime is one of the biggest concerns of plant managers. This concern is understandable, as facility-wide operations could be shut down if a conveyor or mobile charging machine goes offline.

While no manufacturer can completely eliminate the risk of downtime, CYRUS has carefully crafted every product to offer superior reliability and durability. Our engineering team leveraged our decades of experience to design each piece of metallurgy machinery so that you can rely on it day in and day out.

Modular Design

At CYRUS, we understand that no two facilities are identical. Seemingly simple layout and space variations can make a prefabricated piece of equipment unsuitable for use in your plant. That is why CYRUS abandoned the pre-fab product catalog model in favor of a built-to-order approach.

Although we manufacture using established designs as the framework for each product order, we can customize our machinery to suit your intended application. This strategy ensures that our products can be seamlessly integrated into your foundry layout without creating safety or productivity concerns.

Low Cost of Ownership

As part of our effort to help clients achieve a maximum return on their product investment, we design all of our foundry machinery in a manner that minimizes the cost of ownership. This mindful design process involves making moving parts easy to access and incorporating our vibration solutions into products whenever possible.

The combination of our product’s longevity and minimal maintenance needs can help your plant improve its profitability while also avoiding costly downtime.

Why CYRUS Is a Preferred Metallurgy Equipment Provider

CYRUS is one of the most well-known and respected names in the metallurgy equipment industry. We have built this reputation over four decades by providing our clients with:

Unmatched Service

Every member of the CYRUS team is willing to go above and beyond for our clients.

From the first phone call to the time of your installation, we want to ensure that you enjoy a seamless purchasing experience. That is why we connect you with friendly, knowledgeable staff that can answer product questions, provide detailed technical information, and help you find the ideal foundry machinery for your intended application.

Once you do business with CYRUS, you will wonder why you ever settled for anything less than superior customer service.

Ongoing Support

Unscrupulous vendors may sell you poorly performing equipment and then refuse to provide adequate support to remedy the post-installation issues that you encounter. That is why it is essential to partner with a reputable and established foundry machinery provider like CYRUS.

CYRUS always stands behind our products and will offer ongoing support for any of our systems. While we make every effort to ensure that your machinery is correctly installed and functioning as designed, our support team is on standby should any issue arise.

Customizable Metallurgy Machinery

Competitors simply do not offer the level of customization that CYRUS does. In fact, many metallurgy machinery vendors provide their clients with pre-fabricated equipment that is not tailored to users’ individual specifications.

Conversely, CYRUS builds every device that leaves our factory in accordance with the specifications you provide. We utilize our standardized system components and accessories to customize machines for your production process. This approach yields superior performance for your intended application.

Durable Foundry Equipment

CYRUS understands the rigors associated with operating a foundry or metallurgy facility. As such, we design all of our foundry equipment in a manner that maximizes durability and reliability.

Our products incorporate wear-resistant materials and designs to extend their service life, reduce the risk of malfunction, and increase operational reliability.

Decades of Experience

While CYRUS proudly serves a number of different industries, the foundry and metallurgy sector is one of our primary client bases.

For decades, the experts at CYRUS have designed products that can withstand the harsh foundry environment and perform reliably day after day. If you are seeking a product manufacturer who understands the needs of your facility, you will not find a better option than CYRUS.

Broad Industry Knowledge

CYRUS maintains positive relationships with both current and former foundry clients. We leverage these relationships to gather feedback about product performance, better understand industry-specific pain points, and improve the quality of our equipment.

Over the years, these practices have allowed our team to gather an abundance of industry knowledge. We have put this knowledge to use to create some of the most efficient and reliable foundry machinery in the world.

What to Expect When Purchasing Foundry Machinery from CYRUS

When you connect with a CYRUS staff member, they will thoroughly discuss your facility needs and pain points. They will use this information to ensure that they identify the best combination of CYRUS products for your intended application.

After we have collected information on the specific requirements of your production processes, our engineering team will get to work manufacturing your solution. Once it is complete, we will oversee the delivery process and provide ongoing support to facilitate a seamless installation.

Ready to Learn More?

If your facility is searching for foundry equipment or metallurgy machinery, CYRUS can help.

With over 46 years of experience under our belt, CYRUS has a thorough understanding of the pain points and challenges facing metallurgy clients. As such, we are capable of providing your facility with reliable, precision-built metallurgy equipment that will exceed expectations.

Unlike other foundry machinery vendors, CYRUS does not utilize a prefabricated catalog sales model.

While our products are based on established modular designs, every piece of equipment is built to order in accordance with the specifications of your intended application. This approach ensures that your products are the perfect fit for your operation.

If you would like to learn more about how CYRUS has revolutionized the metallurgy machinery market or need custom solutions, contact our team today. You can complete an online contact form, call our office, or reach us via email. We look forward to serving you.