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Foundry and metallurgy

Our vibrating machines are in high demand when it comes to the melting of metals and casting of various mouldings. For this reason, we have long been supplying this industry with the following machines and systems:

  • Mobile charging machines which are frequently used to automatically fill the induction furnace.
  • Shake-out grids and separation troughs to free castings from moulding sand. They can also be equipped with the CYRUS electronic gear, which enables the adjusting of the vibration angle during operation, in order to facilitate more gentle and effective use.
  • Cooling troughs to prepare hot castings for further processing.
  • Moulding sand recovery systems to recycle foundry sand for reuse by utilising modern vibration crushing technology.
  • Vibralift-technology to convey hot sand vertically and space saving, even in conditions where bucket elevators would fail in service.

In addition, we also offer screening machines to separate impurities from the moulding sand that is to be regenerated as well as vibrating conveyors to transport various materials.

Therefore, we are able to offer a suitable procedural solution for all vibration-technical requirements set by the foundry industry today.

selection of our products that are most frequently used in the fields of foundry and metallurgy can be found below. An overview of the entire CYRUS product range can be found here.

Reference video BMW Landshut

Project description BMW Landshut (PDF)

Vibrating trough conveyor with unbalanced motor Details
Vibrating trough conveyor with electromagnetic drive Details
Vibrating trough conveyor with slider crank drive Details
Separator trough Details
Mobile charging machine Details
Shake-out grid Details
Vibrating lump crusher Details
Casting Coolers Details
Switch conveyor Details
Vibrating table Details
Vibralift vertical conveyor Details
Circular motion vibrating screen Details
Linear motion vibrating screen Details
Hydraulic lifting / tilting device Details
Steel plate conveyor Details