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Crusher Pre-Separation Screen

The crusher pre-separation screen is a special type of vibrating conveyor with an unbalanced drive. It has a number of special technical and design features, so that this type of machine is especially suited for the optimal feeding of a crushing plant. The CYRUS Crusher Pre-Separation Screen ensures that sufficiently small material is separated before it reaches the crusher and that it is then fed past it. As a results, the crusher only receives material which is too big for the subsequent stages in the process and which therefore needs to be crushed. In many cases using a crusher pre-separation screen means that the actual crusher can be smaller in size.


In mines, quarries and other open-cast facilities the optimum utilisation rate of the crushers is essential for an increase in efficiency. It is therefore a vital element in the entire process chain. To feed only crushable material into the crusher, it is advisable to install crusher pre-separation screens before the crusher. The purpose is to pre-classify the quarried material. Any raw material that needs to be pre-crushed prior to further processing often has substantial quantities of fine content which does not need to be crushed at all.

Moreover, the fine content often has a concentration of moisture and abrasive components. It is therefore useful to sift out such fine content from the material flow before it gets to the crusher. This is the purpose of a CYRUS Crusher Pre-Separation Screen – a new generation of machinery with a capacity of 500 to 2,000 metric tonnes per hour.


CYRUS Crusher Pre-Separation Screens are available in a variety of sizes for mass flow rates between 500 and 2,000 metric tonnes per hour. Specially designed heavy-duty machinery is therefore used.

The width of the machine, the length, the sifting distance and the number of drop heights are adjusted to suit each instance.

The machine is driven by one or more robust inverter exciters or CYRUS cell drives.

The receiving tray and slotted grids are available in segmented designs and are easily replaceable.

The materials which are used here are wear-resistant s

Crusher pre-separation screens are placed on sturdy hollow springs made of rubber. To minimise any dynamic foundation loads, there is the option of using an insulating frame.