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For more than 40 years, vibratory conveyors and screens have been the core business of CYRUS. Our customers benefit from the synergies of broad experience combined with a wide range of applications.

At the core of our designs, we rely on our trusted and standardized modular system components and modules. Yet, at CYRUS, you will not find a prefabricated catalog program. Instead, each machine is customized according to the requirements of your production processes.

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CYRUS Equipment: Industrial Process Machinery

For over four decades, CYRUS has provided organizations across a broad range of sectors with leading-edge vibratory conveyors and other industrial process machinery.

Our engineering team possesses the knowledge, experience, and creativity necessary to customize our industrial conveyor equipment to meet the needs of any organization.

Unlike other vendors, CYRUS does not rely on prefabricated product catalogs. Instead, we work with our clients to create customized machines in accordance with the unique demands of their intended application.

The combination of this approach and our unwavering commitment to our clients has made CYRUS equipment one of the most trusted brands in the world.

What We Do

While CYRUS is best known for producing top-quality vibratory industrial conveyors, we offer a broad range of equipment. We are the go-to partner for plant managers who need low-maintenance, reliable equipment, such as furnace charge feeders, industrial conveyors, crushers, and many other solutions.

With our equipment and support, industrial plants can operate more efficiently, reduce the cost of ownership, and obtain ongoing support to keep their facilities functioning at peak levels.

CYRUS has been in operation for over 46 years. During that time, our staff has acquired valuable experience and had the opportunity to serve countless clients across various industries. This experience makes our staff uniquely suited to meet the needs of your organization.

The CYRUS Equipment Lineup

All CYRUS products are known for their unparalleled quality, durable designs, and unmatched reliability. At CYRUS, we understand that you need your industrial conveyors and other machinery to function at peak efficiency in order to hit production goals.

Over the years, CYRUS has continually worked to expand and refine our equipment lineup so that we can better serve our valued clients. Currently, we offer a dynamic range of industrial process machinery, all of which incorporate durable design features and superior customization.

CYRUS equipment products include:

Vibratory Conveyors

CYRUS conveyors utilize the latest vibratory technology to handle products effectively. We have several distinct conveyor designs, each of which includes unique benefits and features. Conveyor variants we offer include:

  • Vibrating trough conveyors with electromagnetic drives
  • Vibrating trough conveyors with slider crank drives
  • Apron conveyors
  • Vibrating trough conveyors with unbalanced motors

Our conveyors equipped with electromagnetic drives are particularly popular when space is at a premium. These products have a small footprint and can carefully handle a broad range of materials. They also offer high-precision metering capabilities.

Slider crank-driven CYRUS conveyors also offer clients a small footprint option. These devices are known for their long service life, low cost of ownership, and exceptional durability.

If your organization needs a more flexible option that can withstand even the toughest of applications, then our vibrating trough conveyors with unbalanced motors may be the ideal solution.

We offer countless variations of these devices to accommodate the specific needs of your organization. As with all CYRUS equipment, these devices have a stellar reputation for minimizing operating costs and being ultra-reliable.

Industrial Process Machinery

Despite the fact that CYRUS is best known for its top-rated vibratory conveyors, our professionals also manufacture many other types of industrial process machinery. Examples include:

  • Vibrating lump crushers
  • Vibrating tables
  • Shake-out grids
  • Switch conveyors
  • Vibralift vertical conveyors
  • Separator troughs

Our abundance of options allows you to design your entire operation using CYRUS products. Entrusting the success of your operation to a reputable vendor like CYRUS will pave the way to reduced cost of ownership and optimized efficiency.

Circular Motion Vibrating Screens

Like all CYRUS products, our circular motion vibrating screens incorporate numerous modular design features. This construction means that the customization options are virtually endless. Our experts can modify our standard circular motion vibrating screen design in order to accommodate your specific intended application.

These vibrating screens exhibit an exceptionally high wear-resistance and significant throughput. In peak conditions, CYRUS circular motion vibrating screens have throughput capabilities of up to 500 cubic meters per hour.

CYRUS’ engineering team can also modify your circular motion vibrating screen to be completely dust-proof if needed for your intended application.

Mobile Charge Machines

In addition to vibratory conveyors and feeders, CYRUS also manufactures some of the most reliable mobile charging machines in the industry.

Our customizable charging machines include electrical controls, a vibratory trough conveyor, a bin, and traveling gear. These rail-borne machines can travel transversally, longitudinally, or in a combination of both directions.

If necessary, CYRUS engineers can affix a semi-mobile supporting frame to your charge machine. This optional feature will allow you to easily move your charge machine using a forklift, which will increase the overall versatility of your CYRUS mobile charge machine.

As with all CYRUS equipment, our mobile charge machines are built to last. These devices feature a rugged welded and screw-fastened design in order to meet the needs of facilities such as melting shops.

Our mobile charge machines also incorporate a unique construction profile and low-RPM vibratory motors to minimize noise pollution during operation.

Industries We Serve

CYRUS has experience working with processing plants in a wide range of sectors, including:

Foundry and Metallurgy

Our CYRUS vibratory conveyors and charge systems are a favorite in the foundry and metallurgy sector. We have been a long-standing partner for numerous companies operating within this industry as they need reliable and durable solutions that can withstand extreme heat environments.

CYRUS supplies clients in this sector with machines and systems, including:

  • Vibralift devices
  • Molding sand recovery systems
  • Cooling troughs
  • Shake-out grids
  • Mobile charging machines

Clients operating within this industry value CYRUS because of our ability to provide them with custom solutions based on our proven designs.

Forging and Heat Treatment

Forging workshops produce a large number of components for automotive companies around the world. When these facilities need equipment, they frequently turn to CYRUS because of our industry expertise and reputation for providing unmatched customer service.

Specifically, forging and heat treatment workshops rely on our hydraulic lifting and tilting devices, automatic dosing machines, and vibrating conveyors that efficiently feed their furnaces.

CYRUS not only provides clients within this space with leading-edge equipment, but we also offer expert consulting services. Our engineers and other experts can work hand-in-hand with our clients to help them identify solutions that best meet their needs.


Many CYRUS clients operate within the recycling industry. Plant managers turn to CYRUS as their trusted source for vibratory conveyors and feeding equipment.

Our innovative conveyors can be equipped with integrated magnetic separators, which can efficiently separate non-magnetic and magnetic materials. We also offer fixed and swiveling steel plate conveyors that will consistently feed shredded scrap into transport vehicles or storage areas.

In addition to our vibratory conveyors, recycling facilities often depend on our linear motion and circular motion vibrating screening equipment.

These machines can be adapted for the specific demands of any recycling facility. The angle and functionality of our screening machines can be adjusted as well, which will allow clients to achieve optimal screening results.

Animal Feed and Foods

While CYRUS primarily serves organizations operating within the recycling and foundry sectors, animal food processing plants can also reap the benefits of our quality processing solutions. Specifically, animal feed processors frequently turn to our circular motion screening machines to efficiently sort food products.

CYRUS’ engineering and design team can modify our modular design to meet the needs of any animal processing facility. We can provide clients with one, two, or three-deck variants of our circular motion screens.

Each device is equipped with ultra-durable screening fabrics, such as stainless steel or spring steel. The device can be used for coarse, medium, or fine screening, depending on the specifications provided by the client.

The screening machines that we provide to animal food processing clients are compact, well designed, and easy to maintain. Our screening devices are an appealing option for plant owners and managers, as the units are known for their low cost of ownership and user-friendly controls.

Raw Materials Processors

CYRUS can trace its roots back to the salt extraction, stone/soil, and mining industries. As such, we are a trusted machinery provider to raw material processing organizations around the globe. Our vibrating conveyors and other devices can reliably process bulk materials such as coal, salt, sand, gravel, and ores.

Modern CYRUS equipment can facilitate a more efficient screening, sorting, and dividing process. In turn, this will allow raw material processing plants to optimize total output and maximize productivity.

As an added benefit, the unsurpassed reliability of our machinery can help minimize the risk of downtime and allow plant managers to meet established processing deadlines.

The CYRUS Difference

At CYRUS, we understand how much is at stake when you choose an industrial process machinery partner. That is why we strive to provide our valued clients with an experience unlike any other.

This customer service focus is why plant managers and business owners across multiple processing sectors consistently choose to partner with CYRUS when they need reliable, custom solutions.

When you partner with CYRUS, you will have access to:

World-Class Equipment

If your vibratory conveyors and other industrial process machinery do not perform as designed, then nothing else matters. That is why CYRUS is constantly seeking ways to improve our products to further enhance their durability and reliability. With that being said, our current lineup features some of the most durable machinery in production.

In addition to being built to last, our conveyors and other equipment have an extremely low cost of ownership. Cumulatively, these attributes have made CYRUS equipment the cornerstone of successful processing operations the world over.

Customizable Industrial Process Machinery

CYRUS equipment is not only easy to maintain, simple to use, and ultra-durable, but it is highly customizable as well. Unlike similar machinery manufacturers, CYRUS does not utilize a prefabricated catalog system to sell its equipment. We custom-build every order based on the specifications you provide.

We utilize our proven modular designs as the framework for each custom build to expedite the fabrication process. However, our experienced and talented engineering team can modify any existing design plans to accommodate your intended application.

An Abundance of Vibratory Expertise

With over forty years of expertise, CYRUS builds some of the quietest and most versatile vibratory conveyors on the market. We have applied this experience to our other machinery as well in order to provide our clients with truly innovative equipment that exceeds expectations.

Our team has served clients in top processing industries, including recycling, foundry and metallurgy, and raw materials. If you are searching for a partner who understands the demands of your industry, look no further than CYRUS.

Ongoing Support

As a plant manager, you know that far too many vendors withdraw any and all support as soon as your products are delivered and installed. You won’t encounter that issue when partnering with CYRUS.

At CYRUS, we stand behind our products and want to be your industrial process machinery partner for life. We will ensure that you have the support you need to achieve an optimal return on investment in your CYRUS products.

Let CYRUS Meet Your Industrial Process Machinery Needs

Whether you need to replace existing equipment or are exploring vibratory conveyor options for a new processing facility, you must choose the right partner for the job.

Competitors simply cannot match CYRUS’s level of industry expertise, customer support, or product quality. Our team of experts can match you with the ideal CYRUS equipment for your specific pain points.

Once you have identified which CYRUS products you need, one of our experienced engineering professionals can customize your industrial conveyor and other equipment to ensure that it exceeds expectations.

To learn more, we invite you to explore the CYRUS equipment lineup. For more personalized support, you can contact our team directly by phone or email. You can also complete a contact form, and one of our customer support staff members will promptly reach out.