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Especially in the mining, rock/sand/gravel, compound feed and recycling industries correct grading of the charge material is key when it comes to screening applications. Grading makes for a clean-grade and clean-quality separation according to customer specification. CYRUS’ vibratory screening machines grade material like pellets, feed, coffee, sand and light shredder fractions, to name but a few. This is achieved through the use of various drive systems such as circular or linear vibratory screening machines. Depending on the customer’s brief varying screen linings (e.g. spring steel wire mesh, sieves or flip-flow screen linings) are employed. The grading process is further optimised by an adjustment of the angle of throw and vibration frequency.

A selection of our products that are most frequently used for the grading process can be found below. An overview of the entire CYRUS product range can be found here.

Separator trough Details
Shake-out grid Details
Vibrating lump crusher Details
Circular motion vibrating screen Details
Linear motion vibrating screen Details