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Sorting a wide variety of materials by piece weight, material grade, size or other criteria is a basic prerequisite for further downstream processing. CYRUS’ automatic dosing machines (CZI = bowl with internal helical ramps, CZA = with external helical ramps) are used for feeding forging blanks in the right position. The highly wear-resistant, cone-shaped cast bottom ensures correct distribution of the blanks to the helical ramps. The robust finish and reliable operation has made our systems the first choice in many renowned companies for many decades now. Their special characteristic: depending on the conveying height and feeding devices the helical conveying ramps can be placed inside or outside. With the help of additional components such as hoisting/tilting devices (HK), vibratory trough conveyors (SR) or solenoid troughs, the forging line can be placed in the optimum position in front of the furnace. Thanks to built-in sound insulation in the automatic dosing machine noise is reduced to a minimum.

A selection of our products that are most frequently used for the sorting process can be found below. An overview of the entire CYRUS product range can be found here.

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