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Spiral charging machine

CYRUS automatic feeders are used to separate and supply billets to forging presses or to the upstream heating furnace. The billets, often also referred to as knobs or bars, can have very different dimensions. Both round and square billets are processed.

The billets are poured into the automatic feeder as bulk goods and conveyed out of the pile via spiral aisles to the overhead outlet of the machine. For this purpose, the automatic feeder is made to vibrate with the aid of vibration drives. The spiral itself and the deflectors arranged in the area of the spiral flights ensure that the billets arrive at the outlet individually and are released. The deflectors are adapted to the respective product range on a project-specific basis.

These systems basically comprise a metering machine and the up and downstream system components like tilting device, storage trough, roller conveyor or vibratory trough conveyor with magnetic drive. Automatic metering machines are used to handle and unmatch billets. Diametrically arranged vibration motors provide drive. The main group of metering machines are so-called »inside-spiral« designs (pot with internal spiral). Pots with external sorting spiral are also available for specific customer requests.


  • Compact design
  • High wear-resistance
  • Rugged design
  • Complete solutions
  • Low noise operation


  • Low operating costs
  • High operational reliability
  • Long service life
  • Good value for money
  • Reduces the noise emissions of the plant

Technical specs

  • Various sizes of sorting pots up to 2.800 mm in diameter
  • Various sizes of storage troughs up to 10 t of bin capacity
  • Optional also swivel-type storage troughs
  • Optional tilting devices
  • Optional roller conveyors

A distinction must be made between internal helix (CYRUS CZI) and external helix (CYRUS CZA).

Inside spirales (CYRUS CZI) are mainly used for separating as well as sorting and are often loaded by filling boxes. External inverters (CYRUS CZA) are filled in doses and are somewhat more limited in their ability to transport large and long billets compared to the internal spiral. In addition to separating, an external turner can also be used as a conveying device to overcome large differences in height.

Depending on the size of the automatic feeder, billets up to a length of 850 mm can be processed. Diameters or square corner dimensions of 20 to 200 mm are possible.

The conveying speed of the billet at the outlet is typically approx. 80 mm/s. With the stick length, the cycle time results, for a 500 mm long stick e.g. 6-7s.


  • Charging systems for induction furnaces in forging shops
  • Material conveyed: steel round or square billets
  • of different dimensions.
  • In the industry: forging shops

Loading: Usually with a lifting / tipping device (or forklift with a tipping device) and a vibrating storage channel.

Depending on the system, the rejectors of the automatic feeder can lead to gaps in the conveying flow. These are partially closed again during further conveyance on the spiral paths, but there can also be isolated gaps at the outlet. The subsequent process usually requires a continuous supply of material. For this reason, a narrow magnetic vibratory conveyor (link) is often used as a buffer in direct connection to the automatic feeder, which conveys a little faster than the automatic feeder and can thus close any gaps that may arise.