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Linear motion vibrating screen

Screening machines are material handling systems with a sorting feature using vibration drives to classify and convey material. Linear vibrating screens operate on directed vibrations selected to suit the product and the given installation conditions. Screening machines can classify different particle sizes at the same time. The screen linings are selected in accordance with the application.

Exemplary type

Drainage screen Type LS 1.300 x 6.200

Technical Data:
Screen width: 1.300 mm
Screen length: 6.200 mm
Drainage capacity: ~120 t H²O/h
Float drainage: wedge wire screens
Drive: two vibration motors
Shifting: on helical compression springs
Use: recycling industry after a sink-swim system


  • Compact design
  • Dust-guarded design possible
  • High wear-resistance
  • High screen performance depending on size and design
  • Alternative application as a drainage screen


  • Low operating costs
  • High operational reliability
  • Long service life
  • Good value for money
  • Applications

Technical specs

  • Different sizes and screen performances
  • Optional ball peening attachments for the cleaning of textiles
  • Different screen linings: PU, spring steel wire, VA vanadium steel, slotted hole screens, perforated plates etc.
  • Reference installations


  • Screening
  • Sorting
  • Protective screening
  • Separation
  • Drainage