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Waste-to-Energy Equipment

Waste-to-energy and scrap recovery processes often subject your equipment to heavy workloads and a rigorous working environment. As such, any subpar tools or gear will be unable to keep up with the demands of your waste-to-energy operations. Therefore, it is critical that you invest in durable, precision-engineered waste-to-energy solutions if you want to achieve your goals in sustainability and energy recovery.

That is why you need to partner with CYRUS Equipment, an industry leader in the waste-to-energy equipment space. For well over four decades, CYRUS Equipment has been providing our valued manufacturing clients with access to reliable, dynamic, and efficient solutions that serve to optimize their industrial processes.

Manufacturers around the world have started to focus on sustainability and scrap recovery to reduce their environmental impacts and protect natural resources. While prioritizing sustainability is a noble pursuit, implementing efficient waste-to-energy and scrap recovery processes have proved quite challenging for many industrial organizations.

With that in mind, CYRUS Equipment has applied our industry expertise toward meeting the challenges of clients in the scrap recovery and waste-to-energy sector, modifying and improving upon our time-tested equipment to supplement waste-to-energy and scrap recovery processes. Additionally, to better serve our clients, we have also partnered with General Kinematics, a leader in the waste-to-energy equipment sector.

So whether your organization has been engaging in waste-to-energy and scrap recovery for years or has recently incorporated these practices into its sustainability programs, CYRUS Equipment can provide the equipment you need to completely eclipse your efficiency and productivity goals.

Our Waste-to-Energy Equipment Solutions

CYRUS Equipment offers a broad array of waste-to-energy and scrap recovery equipment solutions. Every piece of equipment that we offer is precision-engineered and tested using established best practices and rigorous quality assurance standards.

Some of the equipment that we can provide includes the following:

Bottom Ash Conveyors

Bottom ash conveyors are exposed to some of the most corrosive, wet, or otherwise harsh substances in your facility. Therefore, you need a bottom ash conveyor that is rugged and reliable. CYRUS Equipment can provide you with bottom ash conveyors powered by General Kinematics’ SYNCRO-COIL technology.

General Kinematics’ bottom ash conveyors have proven themselves in the waste-to-energy industry, with some installations still in use after three decades. These pieces of equipment incorporate sophisticated engineering techniques and are built to last, performing flawlessly, day after day and month after month.

Heavy-Duty Metering Feeders

CYRUS Equipment’s vibrating trough conveyors with unbalanced motors are trusted by clients across a wide range of industries.
These pieces of equipment feature simple yet functional designs and exhibit unmatched reliability, and are used to move bulk amounts of media short distances. As such, they can also double as heavy-duty metering feeders for waste-to-energy operations.

CYRUS Equipment designs every vibrating conveyor to the unique specifications of our clients. We can customize your solution to align with your intended application.

Coarse Separators

CYRUS Equipment provides a variety of separator solutions, some of which are manufactured in-house and others that are offered via our partnership with General Kinematics.

Of the latter group, the General Kinematics FINGER-SCREEN™ for WTE is particularly suitable for the waste-to-energy sector, as it was designed to process wet bottom ash. Its patented FINGER-SCREEN™ technology separates bulk media from the wet bottom ash so that ash can be more efficiently processed.

The FINGER-SCREEN™ is a low-maintenance machine that has been carefully designed to optimize uptime and minimize the risk of operational disruptions.

Linear Separators

CYRUS Equipment’s linear separators leverage directional vibration to separate various media from loose debris. Our linear separators are very efficient at separating small metal fragments from larger pieces of scrap metal during recovery processes, and they are also used in various waste-to-energy processes.

The linear separator features a rugged design that maximizes its service life and decreases the cost of ownership. It has a low overall height and footprint, providing deployment flexibility within your facility. It is highly resistant to wear, which promotes operational continuity and decreases the chances of experiencing a prolonged disruption.

What You Can Accomplish with CYRUS Equipment Waste-to-Energy Solutions

CYRUS Equipment’s waste-to-energy solutions can enhance the efficacy of your sustainability program in many ways. By leveraging our industry expertise and precision-engineered equipment, you can:

Increase Your Recovery Rates

Your recovery rate is a key indicator of the overall efficiency of your waste-to-energy and scrap recovery programs. Naturally, optimizing your recovery rate should always be a top priority, and CYRUS Equipment can analyze your current waste-to-energy program and help you identify opportunities for improvement. We can connect you with the right equipment to increase your recovery rates and enhance overall productivity.

By increasing your recovery rates with our equipment and expertise, you can promote sustainability and boost your total waste-to-energy output.

Optimize Process Efficiency

Waste-to-energy and scrap recovery processes must be extremely efficient, or your sustainability program will not be viable. CYRUS Equipment can help you optimize process efficiency in several ways, thereby improving the efficacy of your sustainability program.

First and foremost, we can help you implement a waste-to-energy or scrap recovery process that minimizes the unnecessary movement of media. In turn, this will reduce your total energy consumption and help your organization use a higher percentage of all waste.

CYRUS Equipment’s machinery is very energy efficient in its own right, an attribute that allows us to help you reduce your total energy consumption while simultaneously enabling you to process more waste or scrap. The cumulative impacts of these efficiency increases are both measurable and significant.

Move Closer to Sustainability Goals

The core premise of any sustainability program is reducing your organization’s impact on the world around us and decreasing its consumption of finite natural resources. While there are many ways to decrease your environmental impact, optimizing your scrap recovery and waste-to-energy processes with CYRUS Equipment’s machinery is an excellent first step.

Prioritizing sustainability has other benefits as well. When your organization sets and subsequently achieves its sustainability goals, your clients and shareholders will take notice. A great sustainability program will help strengthen your brand image and build trust with your target audience.

Decrease Noise Pollution

CYRUS Equipment’s machinery can undoubtedly be a valuable asset to your sustainability program. Our equipment will increase the efficiency of your waste-to-energy and scrap recovery processes over time, but CYRUS Equipment’s solutions also offer numerous day-to-day benefits as well.

Our equipment has been carefully engineered to decrease noise pollution. Our quiet, efficient equipment will therefore decrease the total amount of noise that is generated within your facilities, enabling your staff to work safely and more easily communicate with one another.

Reduce Operating Costs

CYRUS Equipment’s solutions are designed to be incredibly efficient. As such, our machinery can reduce your total energy consumption, decreasing your total operating costs and helping you keep your overhead in check.

Our machinery provides other operating cost reductions as well. For instance, the low-maintenance design of our equipment will minimize upkeep and repair expenses, and our solutions are also incredibly reliable, which means that you can significantly decrease your chances of encountering unexpected downtime and the costs that come with it.

Maximize Productivity

In the industrial manufacturing space, maximizing productivity is always a top priority for your business, and this holds true in the waste-to-energy and scrap recovery space as well.

CYRUS Equipment empowers your organization to maximize its productivity by providing you with customized solutions that perfectly meet your needs. We can help you seamlessly incorporate our equipment into your existing waste-to-energy processes or provide you with a fully customized suite of equipment. We even provide on-site support and deployment assistance if needed.

Why CYRUS Equipment?

CYRUS Equipment is the ideal partner for clients operating in the waste-to-energy and scrap recovery industry, though we also serve clients in a variety of other industrial sectors as well.

By choosing CYRUS Equipment to meet your vibratory and sorting equipment needs, you will gain access to:

World-Class Customer Support

Your CYRUS Equipment client experience will begin and end with world-class customer support, though, technically, your journey never really “ends.” As long as you have CYRUS Equipment machinery in your facility, you will always have access to our highly experienced and knowledgeable support team.

CYRUS Equipment stands behind our solutions, unlike any other equipment provider in the industry. Whether you have a simple question about maintenance best practices or need more involved support, we are always just a phone call away.

A Robust Lineup of Equipment

CYRUS Equipment can provide you with a wide range of machinery solutions to support your waste-to-energy or scrap recovery operations. From vibratory conveyors to coarse separators, we have the exact equipment you need.

All CYRUS Equipment solutions are available with a multitude of customization options so that we can better meet the unique needs of your operation. You can browse our selection of equipment via our website or connect with our sales team for more personalized assistance.

Decades of Industry Expertise

For more than 40 years, CYRUS Equipment has been serving clients in the industrial space. We apply this experience to help clients like you find solutions that will produce measurable improvements to both efficiency and productivity.

What truly differentiates CYRUS Equipment from other machinery suppliers is that we “get it.” We know the challenges that waste-to-energy and scrap recovery facilities face on a daily basis. As such, we are able to work with your team to come up with viable solutions to your greatest productivity roadblocks.

Connect with CYRUS Equipment

If you are ready to optimize your waste-to-energy and scrap recovery processes to meet your sustainability goals, we invite you to connect with CYRUS Equipment. One of our industrial equipment specialists can help you select the ideal solutions for the needs of your operation.

Contact CYRUS Equipment today. We look forward to the opportunity to provide you with customized machinery solutions.