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CYRUS Scrap Recovery Equipment Promotes Sustainability

Scrap recovery equipment plays a vital role in the sustainability and recycling efforts of your business, but said equipment is subjected to extremely harsh and demanding environments and conditions day in and day out that can quickly take their toll, especially if your gear is not built to handle such rigorous demands.

Whether your organization is planning its first scrap recovery operation or needs to replace its existing equipment with tools that are more durable, CYRUS Equipment can help.

We provide clients like you with precision-engineered vibratory equipment that is ideal for conveying heavy and oddly-shaped media, such as scrap metal. Every piece of CYRUS Equipment’s machinery features a rugged design, wear-resistant components, and powerful drives that exhibit consistent performance.

CYRUS’ Scrap Recovery Equipment

CYRUS Equipment offers a comprehensive lineup of vibratory scrap recovery equipment, including:

Apron Conveyors

CYRUS Equipment’s steel plate apron conveyors are designed to convey large and heavy scrap recovery materials. These rugged devices can effectively convey uncommon objects, sharp media, and extremely dense pieces of scrap. They can also be used to convey hot castings or other media that cannot be effectively transported using traditional rubber belt conveyors.

Our apron conveyors are known for their exceptionally long service life, minimal noise pollution, and low cost of ownership. CYRUS Equipment apron conveyors are also rotatable, which means that they can be adjusted based on the unique demands and configuration of your scrap recovery operations.

Bottom Ash Conveyors

CYRUS Equipment also provides bottom ash conveyors via its partnership with General Kinematics, which perform flawlessly in wet, corrosive, adverse conditions, such as those commonly found in scrap recovery facilities. The GK bottom ash conveyor has a rugged construction and perfectly balanced design, which results in superior reliability and minimizes downtime.

The bottom ash conveyor is also equipped with replaceable troughs that are constructed from heavy-duty alloy steel. The device’s reactor springs are constructed from corrosion-resistant galvanized steel, and its high torque and low horsepower drive strike the ideal balance between performance and energy efficiency.

Heavy-Duty Metering Feeders

Our vibrating trough conveyors with unbalanced motors can serve as metering feeders in your scrap recovery operation. These simple devices feature rugged but basic construction in order to provide ease of use and reduce the need for maintenance. Our vibrating trough conveyors can be used for bulk material discharge or can be installed to convey metal scrap from shears or shredders.

The low-maintenance design of our heavy-duty metering feeder troughs ensure high operational reliability and low maintenance costs. These versatile devices are time-tested and have successfully been deployed in countless harsh environments. Industrial clients around the globe put their trust in CYRUS Equipment vibratory trough conveyors, as they know our machinery is built to last.

Dewatering Screens

The aforementioned General Kinematics dewatering screen is capable of processing and screening a large volume of material with minimal energy consumption, making it a great option for organizations that are committed to promoting environmental sustainability.
The dewatering screen also utilizes patented structural springs to provide more power in a compact footprint, and as the device does not require a secondary base or support structure, it can be installed as a standalone piece of equipment.

Coarse Separators

The third piece of General Kinematics machinery that CYRUS Equipment provides is the FINGER-SCREEN™ For Metal Recovery, a coarse separator that is extremely effective at scalping off bulk waste and processing wet bottom ash in scrap recovery operations. It is a low-horsepower device with minimal moving parts, resulting in maximum uptime, low maintenance, and superior reliability. Like all General Kinematics machinery, the FINGER-SCREEN™ has also been designed to reduce energy consumption.

The GK FINGER-SCREEN™ For Metal Recovery has been precisely designed to facilitate the continuous, uninterrupted flow of bottom ash in scrap recovery facilities. It accomplishes this via its patented FINGER-SCREEN™ finger decks and vibratory action. The tried-and-true design of the device has exhibited unmatched longevity, with some still in operation more than three decades after their initial installation.

Linear Separators

CYRUS Equipment’s linear separators use directional vibrations to convey scrap recovery materials and separate bulk items from loose sand or debris. The separator trough is designed to be integrated into a sand shake-out recycling network so that loose debris can be treated and reintroduced into your scrap recovery process.

Our separator trough has a low overall height in order to maximize its versatility, and it features a wear-resistant design, long service life, and minimized cost of ownership. It also features a small footprint, which makes it suitable for a wide range of facilities.

Why Prioritize Sustainability?

Prioritizing sustainability in your scrap recovery operations yields numerous benefits for both your clients and your brand. By committing to sustainability, your organization can:

Decrease Your Environmental Impact

The most obvious benefit of a sustainability initiative is that investing in such a strategy will lower your organization’s environmental impact. You will produce less waste and consume fewer natural resources while maintaining a high level of profitability and productivity.

Implementing CYRUS Equipment’s scrap recovery machinery will enhance your facility’s uptime and help you process a larger volume of total scrap.

Our dynamic equipment enables its users to decrease their environmental impact in other ways as well. For instance, all of our devices have been designed with efficiency in mind. Our low-noise, high-efficiency devices consume less energy than most traditional scrap recovery devices, which means that you will lower the costs of your utility bills and decrease your carbon footprint.

Reduce Waste

Scrap recovery operations are an excellent way of decreasing the total volume of waste that your organization produces each year. Reducing waste production via scrap recovery will help you meet your sustainability goals and minimize your environmental impact. It can yield cost savings for your organization as well, especially if waste production in your industry is heavily regulated.

Protect Natural Resources

All metals are finite natural resources and must be treated as such, but the process of obtaining more metals requires the use of costly and disruptive mining tactics, which pollute the environment. Though scrap recovery efforts will by no means eliminate the need for the mining of new metals, they will reduce the demand for these services, which, in turn, will enable your industry to protect natural resources.

Being a good steward of natural resources via scrap recovery and sustainability initiatives is critical to business continuity. Reducing natural resource consumption through scrap recovery efforts can also help attract new vendors or partners.

Make Your Business More Appealing to Investors

The Environmental, Social, and Governance (ESG) framework is gaining traction amongst investors, government entities, and corporations the world over. Scrap recovery operations can embrace the ESG framework in order to demonstrate their commitment to sustainability and deliver better value for stakeholders.

Adopting the ESG framework and optimizing the efficacy of your scrap recovery operations by deploying CYRUS Equipment’s high-efficiency machinery can make your brand more appealing to new investors.

Incorporating ESG concepts into your scrap recovery operations may also help you acquire new vendor partnerships, as business leaders across all industries are more conscious of sustainability issues and the environmental impact of the companies they choose to work with.

Enhance Your Brand Image

Even in the scrap recovery space, brand image matters. Negative attention can damage your brand image, making it more difficult for you to acquire or maintain clients and ultimately impacting your bottom line. Conversely, proactively cultivating your brand image by investing in sustainability and decreasing the energy consumption of your scrap recovery operations can significantly benefit profitability.

CYRUS Equipment can help you build and strengthen your brand image by providing you with reliable, durable equipment that will minimize operational downtime, which will help you establish yourself as a reliable partner that your clients can count on to meet production thresholds.

Why CYRUS Equipment?

CYRUS Equipment is the premier name in the vibratory equipment space. We serve clients in countless industries, including the scrap recovery sector. When you partner with us, you will benefit from our:


For nearly 50 years, CYRUS Equipment has been providing its industrial clients with rugged, durable equipment that can reliably be used to convey heavy, dense, or harsh media. During this time, our team has amassed an abundance of experience, which we leverage to help clients like you solve their greatest operational challenges.

Our experience and knowledge base is evident in every piece of equipment we manufacture. Our designs exhibit the culmination of decades’ worth of learning the challenges of clients and helping them overcome those productivity hurdles. CYRUS Equipment’s machinery has been refined so that it can stand the test of time, thrive in the most rigorous conditions, and serve you reliably for years to come.

Post-Deployment Support

Some vibratory equipment providers view the sale as the end of a client relationship. However, at CYRUS Equipment, we view this as just the start of a long and mutually beneficial partnership between you and our team.

When you purchase a piece of machinery from CYRUS Equipment, we are committed to providing you with ongoing support for the entirety of the device’s lifecycle. We are here to help you derive the maximum value for your CYRUS Equipment investment by providing technical support, maintenance guidance, and exemplary customer service.

Superior Equipment

CYRUS Equipment’s machinery features rugged compositions that can hold up in the demanding scrap recovery industry and are designed to require minimal maintenance, produce little noise, and operate efficiently. The end result is a lower cost of ownership for your business, greater uptime, and better productivity.

CYRUS Equipment’s devices are also highly configurable. Many of our machinery features a small footprint as well, making it versatile enough for deployment in a wide range of facilities.

Strategic Partnerships

CYRUS Equipment has the knowledge and expertise to provide you with top-quality scrap recovery equipment and ongoing support, but we are always exploring ways to better serve our clients, which is why we have partnered with visionary machinery manufacturers like General Kinematics.

Through our partnership with GK, we are able to provide you with access to an even wider array of vibratory equipment for your scrap recovery operations. We are also able to assist with the post-purchase deployment and upkeep of your GK equipment.

Connect with CYRUS Equipment

If your organization needs precision-engineered, ultra-reliable scrap recovery equipment to promote its sustainability program, CYRUS Equipment is the ideal partner for your business. Our experienced team can provide you with a dynamic array of vibratory scrap recovery equipment that is built to endure the most rugged of conditions. Our lineup of products includes low-noise, high-performance equipment that can be customized to meet the unique demands of your operations.

To learn more about CYRUS Equipment and our line of vibratory equipment, schedule a consultation with our team. We can provide a quote, discuss your needs, and connect you with the ideal equipment for your business. We even provide on-site support as needed to ensure a seamless implementation of your vibratory equipment.

Contact us today to get started.