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Forge industry activities – fully automatic feeding of blanks to a heating system

An important German company that – by its own accounts – is active as a market and technology leader in manufacturing forged crankshafts with over 33 forging lines for supplying parts to automotive and commercial vehicle manufacturers, is relying on CYRUS vibration technology at its location in Central Germany.

The new forging line, which is still under construction, is characterised by very high availability, on the one hand, and high performance on the other.

Furthermore, the system integrator, SMS Elotherm GmbH from Remscheid (a member of the SMS Group) demanded an “empty travel function”, which enables single-batch charging.

CYRUS took care of implementing the control technology for this quality feature so relevant for the process as a whole.

In view of the system operation it was important for the operator to be able to charge the lifting-tilting device with existing metal lattice boxes at ground level. The advantage is that most of the metal crates can be handled with hand pallet trucks thereby reducing the need for motorised forklift trucks.

Both the end customer and SKS Elotherm GmbH opted in favour of CYRUS at an early stage of the project since they had already had a very good experience with the charging systems and services provided by CYRUS in the past.

Scope of delivery:

  • Hydraulic lifting-tilting device with a max. load bearing capacity of 2.5 tons
  • Storage trough SRU 1.100/1.300 – 2.000 for optimal blank dosing.
  • CYRUS feeder CZI 2000
  • Magnetic trough SRM 100 x 3.300 with thyristor control
  • Removal device for blanks including position request